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Elevate your Adobe Commerce (Magento) experience to unparalleled heights with us.


Imagine your eCommerce platform not just running, but soaring—swift, secure, and steadfast, laying a robust groundwork for your business's exponential growth. In the dynamic realm of digital commerce, maintaining and nurturing your Adobe Commerce platform is more than just upkeep; it's a strategic investment. By partnering with us, you're ensuring lower upgrade costs in the future, bolstering platform security, and securing a competitive edge. Let's make your platform the benchmark for excellence in the digital marketplace.


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What's new in Adobe Commerce 2.4.7

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Platform Enhancements

  • PHP 8.3 Support: The new version of PHP offers additional performance benefits. To take full advantage of this performance boost, all customizations and 3rd-party extensions must be upgraded to the new version of PHP. 
  • Plan your PHP upgrade by December 2025 due to End of Service statement shared by Adobe. 


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Notable Bug Fixes

  • Improved page title and meta tags for product pages.
  • Correct stock status for related products.
  • Enhanced Admin filter view switching.
  • Accurate revenue reports in Google Analytics (GA4).
  • Faster cart load times and optimized banner content loading.
  • Cart price rules now correctly apply to product bundles.
  • Quicker checkout for customers with extensive address books.
  • Product quantity adjustments in the cart are now seamless.
  • Faster addition of products to carts thanks to optimized customer segment rules.
  • Vimeo videos on product pages now play smoothly on mobile in Chromium-based browsers.
  • Correct display of backordered status, fixing previous mislabeling of available products.
  • Customers subscribed to price alerts are now promptly informed of any price reductions.
  • Option to skip quantity and image uploading during configurable product setup, preserving associated simple product sources.
  • Products automatically revert to 'In-stock' after processing a return credit memo, streamlining inventory management.
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Performance and Scalability

  • Cart Price Rules: Handle up to 1 million active coupon-based cart price rules efficiently.
  • Product Listing: Enhanced store performance for products with over 100 options.
  • General Optimizations: Quicker store-level configuration saves, faster config cache generation, and speedy deployments.
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Security Enhancements

  • Changes to the behavior of non-generated cache keys.
  • Limitations on the number of auto-generated coupon codes.
  • Optimization of the default Admin URL generation process.
  • Added SubResource Integrity (SRI) support to comply with PCI 4.0 requirements.
  • Changes to Content Security Policy (CSP).

"We tried working with a large agency, but TechNWeb gave us more... 

The larger agency had a lot of people involved into our project and only a few people provided value. There were too many meetings and every project went over budget with missed deadlines. [TechNWeb] is the only agency that delivered on time and on budget, that is why we transitioned to [them].

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Mari Martin

Operations at FloraFlex

PowerSync, 2023 top Magento company in Austin TX

Improve business operations, reduce security risks, and reduce growing maintenance costs.

Get started today with a complimentary 30-minute consultation.

"Who told you Magento is a horrible platform?"

Only developers who lack platform expertise make such statements. Adobe Commerce is just like a box of LEGOs. You can build anything and everything using these blocks. The key to success is finding a technology partner that understands how to put these "LEGOs" together and improve your structure while retaining structure stability and preventing it from collapsing over time from so many poor customizations.

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Igor Krasnykh



Is there a minimum commitment needed from my side for the upgrade?

Yes, if we have never worked with your store before, you must go through the store audit first. The initial audit takes 2-3 days and it will help us better estimate the level of effort.

How much time does it take to upgrade to the latest version of Adobe Commerce (Magento)?

It is a very tough question to answer as there are many variables to take into an account. There are a few variables to take into account:

  • Infrastructure limitations
  • Number of integrations
  • Simplicity or complexity of your business processes
  • Number of customizations in your store
  • Number of 3rd party extensions
  • Quality of code
  • Presence or a lack of test automation

This is why we always start with a short complimentary discovery session to help both of us better understand the scope and determine the level of effort.

We are still on Magento 1, can you help?

Short answer is, Yes.

Support for Magento 1 ended back in June 2020. Schedule a call with us ASAP to discuss migration off that platform. We are happy to discuss whether Magento 2.x (or any other eCommerce platform) would be a better fit going forward to help you maximize your ROI.

When should I upgrade to the latest version?

Many agencies urge businesses to upgrade immediately. We frown at such poor sales tactics because immediate upgrades often force an agency to touch all 3rd party extensions that often break with platform upgrades. Some upgrades could take very little time, while other version upgrades may require a longer investment.

The brand new versions often bring NEW issues to the table. We found that staying one minor version behind is your best bet, AND continue to apply patches as they come out for your version of the store to minimize security risks.

We only advise our customers to upgrade sooner if the new release introduces features that help improve business operations by reducing operational overhead or features that bring additional revenue. We always look at the ROI in such situations to make sure our customers are making a smart investment.

Stay competitive and secure with Adobe Commerce 2.4.7's latest features and enhancements.

Whether you're aiming for performance boosts, looking to fix critical bugs, or focusing on tightening security, our upgrade services are designed to seamlessly transition your platform to the cutting edge of digital commerce. Upgrade today and future-proof your business for the challenges of tomorrow.