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How Integration Platform Software Streamlines Your Ecommerce System

How Integration Platform Software-1

How many different software packages are required to manage your eCommerce presence?  

For too many companies, the answer is “several.”  They might have a separate CRM, warehouse/stock management system, shopping cart solution, and more – all with separate logins and usually requires a lot of duplication of effort in entering and maintaining data.  This can significantly drive up the costs of operating an online shop while wasting a lot of time and energy.

Fortunately, new solutions are available in the form of integration platform software.  These can reduce all eCommerce management into a single software solution, and one which will seamlessly integrate into your physical store management systems as well.  The benefits from this are numerous:

Reduce Your Administrative Costs

Integration platform software will quickly pay for itself purely in terms of time savings. A single-platform software solution allows for much faster administration of your online storefronts, while also preventing duplicated effort. You’ll also see fewer errors since a piece of data only needs to be entered once. All this will substantially reduce operating costs, almost overnight.

Streamline The User Experience

Buyers today have an entire world of options when sourcing items or services – which means your User Experience (UX) is of vital importance.  Having a great UX is one of the best ways to differentiate yourself, and inspire loyalty among customers.  A fully integrated eCommerce platform reduces difficulty for users, making your business easier for them to work with as well.

This improved UX will also apply to any customer service or post-sale support.  Representatives will have full access to a customer’s records, across all points of sale and other touchpoints, allowing them to more quickly and easily address the customer’s needs.  Additionally, tracking a customer’s order becomes much easier as well.

Create Precisely-Targeted Communications

Personalized offers and promotional emails will have a lot more impact than generic mass-distributed offers.  By integrating your online sales systems, you’ll have a wealth of data available to help you fine-tune promotional communications.  Buyers can be sent offers based on both online and physical purchases, and other promotional options – such as retargeting ads – become viable as well.

Improve Your Inventory Management

Since you can instantly track stock across both physical and virtual storefronts, there will be fewer stocking errors.  You’ll have combined sales data at your fingertips.  Also, these systems can be set up with automatic alerts, and potentially even automatic restocking, to further reduce the chance of errors.

PowerSync offers the ecommerce integration platform software solutions you need to streamline your store management. Contact us to learn more!

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