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How to Write Awesome Welcome Emails for New Subscribers


Congratulations, you have a new recurring customer! This should trigger an immediate plan of action to woo them into a long-term business relationship. Welcome emails are a strategic way to open up the conversation with a new subscriber and when done right, can help drive customer loyalty.

This article is for you if:

  • You are curious about the purpose of welcome emails in the subscription industry;
  • You want to learn the basic elements you should include in a welcome email;
  • You want to know the best way to approach customers who reactivate their subscriptions;
  • You want to see good examples of welcome emails for subscribers.

When it comes to email marketing, it is important to set a tone that is both inviting and engaging. One way to achieve both is by ensuring welcome emails are sent in real-time. Triggering an immediate communication effort shows you are proactive, which is something today’s customer wants to see. Research from Invesp shows that 74% of people expect to receive a welcome email as soon as they subscribe.

Here are a few more compelling welcome email statistics:

  • Subscribers who receive welcome emails engage with a brand 33% more than those who do not;
  • Welcome emails that contain an offer for the customer can drive a 30% revenue increase compared to emails that do not contain an offer;
  • Welcome emails receive a much higher click rate than other types of communication (14.4% vs. 2.7%).

What are the goals of a welcome email?

Making a positive first impression is something we are taught to strive for from a young age. In addition to setting a positive tone for the future of the business-customer relationship, welcome emails should aim to do the following:

  • Give customers a deeper understanding of you who are and what you represent;
  • Let them know the ins and outs of doing business with your brand;
  • Make them aware of loyalty programs or other membership perks;
  • Teach them about products and services;
  • Incentivize them to spend more money.

Be sure to keep the language of your welcome email light and conversational. A short and sweet message will pack a bigger punch than several paragraphs of text, so be selective and concise.

Follow this welcome email formula for new subscribers


For the purpose of this blog post, we will pretend we are in business as a recurring subscription box offering the latest organic beauty products. Here’s how our winning welcome email reads.

Hi, [Name]!

We are thrilled that you have joined the Organic Beauty Box community! We believe in providing safe and effective products that make every customer look and feel their best. Each month, you will receive 8 items that have been hand-picked just for you.

Here are a few things to know:

  • You can upgrade to our Mega Beauty Box at any time to double your items for only $5 more per month.
  • At the beginning of each new season, we tack on an extra surprise at no additional cost.
  • A set of Luxury eyelashes with our special organic adhesive will be included in your first box. Check out our video tutorial to learn how to perfectly place them on your eyes.
  • After you are a customer for 12 months, your 13th box will ship for 50% off!

Be sure to join our exclusive Facebook community, where you will hear from some of the biggest influencers in the organic beauty movement. When your box arrives, feel free to post a photo with the hashtag #organicbeautybox.

You should also know that all of our packaging is made of 100% recycled products. We hope you enjoy your first shipment and many more to come! Please reply directly to this email if you have any questions.


The Organic Beauty Box Team

So far, this letter checks all of our boxes;

  • Light, conversational language that is brief and to the point;
  • Additional brand information laced throughout;
  • A teaching opportunity that links to an eyelash video tutorial;
  • Additional perks (a discounted box on the 13th month; a seasonal surprise);
  • A linked offer to upgrade to the Mega Beauty Box.

Here are a few more things to love

  1. The letter opens with a personalized salutation. Greeting your customer by name makes them feel personally acknowledged rather than being “just another customer.”;
  2. It makes the customer feel like they are not only subscribing to an exciting monthly box but also becoming part of a growing community of others who share the same values;
  3. It urges them to use the #organicbeautybox hashtag, which is a fun task for them that also helps spur engagement for your brand;
  4. It concludes by giving them an opportunity to ask any final questions they may have. Welcoming questions from your customers shows them you are approachable and eager to assist.

If you feel your introductory subscription letter is going to be too long, consider breaking it up by creating a welcome series that consists of three or four emails that are sent during the first days after an order is placed.

Crafting welcome emails for customers who took a hiatus


“Welcome back” emails are also important in the subscription world. For a variety of reasons, there will be times when customers pause their subscriptions. (Consider it a big compliment when they decide to come back. This indicates the value your product or service brings to their life).

When a former customer returns, focus the communication around any improvements and positive changes they have been missing out on (as well as exclusive bonuses to celebrate their return). Here is an example of how that could look.

Hi, [Name]!

Welcome back to Organic Beauty Box! We missed you dearly while you were away. We also took the time to make several improvements to our brand!

Did you know we now offer a box for men called The Burly Box? It is packed full of organic shaving essentials, beard balms, masculine soaps and more. Be sure to spread the word to all of your favorite guys. Best of all, when they use your personalized coupon code, JENNY3, you will each receive a 10% discount on your orders.

We also now offer the option for our customers to opt into a monthly $1 donation that benefits homeless shelters across the nation. So far, we have raised more than $250,000 for the cause. If you would like to contribute, log into your account and check the “I would like to donate” box in your billing settings.

Finally, because we are so glad to have you back, we are sending you a trendy summer scarf to get your season off to a sizzlin’ start.


The Organic Beauty Box Team

In addition to catching them up on the latest, your returning customers are given an incentive to spread the word to more potential customers with an exclusive coupon code. After reading this letter, they will also look forward to receiving a free gift.

When a new subscription romance blooms, make it your mission to prolong the honeymoon phase for as long as possible. Sending the right welcome email to your customers can be a powerful tool for that.

Crafting welcome email language is only one piece of the overall subscription puzzle. If you are interested in learning more about a subscription management solution that offers flexibility and ease, we are here for you. Our $997 strategy sessions helped several companies this year grow their revenue by more than 20% in most cases. Reference this article, and the first session is on us.