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PowerSync | Weekly Subscription News Roundup


What's Included? A Weekly E-Newsletter Including News from The Subscription Economy

Every week, PowerSync CEO Igor Krasnykh highlights the most important news in the subscription economy, so you can stay current without getting buried in content. Get the latest news from the recurring revenue industry delivered straight to your inbox every Friday! The content is mined from the most reliable online sources, including Forbes and Subscription Insider.

Weekly Subscription News Roundup

Up-to-Date Data and Statistics

In addition to delivering insight into the most interesting and cutting-edge facets of recurring revenue, every issue includes compelling data and statistics from the subscription economy that are gathered from the latest reports and think tanks.

Weekly Subscription News Roundup 2

PowerSync Blog Updates

The roundups also include the latest content from the PowerSync blog, which includes a diverse collection of content relevant to subscription businesses.

Weekly Subscription News Roundup 3

An invitation to submit business news

In every edition of the Subscription News Roundup, we provide an opportunity for online merchants to submit their own subscription news for upcoming roundups.

Weekly Subscription News Roundup 4

Information on Leading Industry Events

From webinars to large conventions, PowerSync’s weekly Subscription News Roundup alerts readers about upcoming happenings.

Weekly Subscription News Roundup 5