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How Matouk improved customer retention by 125% by integrating Magento with Salesforce CRM

Matouk, a company that sells finely crafted linens and home accessories, was looking for a way to integrate their Magento e-commerce platform and Salesforce CRM. After evaluating a few options, Stuart Kiely, Sr., Director of Technology and Marketing at Matouk, decided to go with Magento-Salesforce integration, as he believed in the organization’s strength and capability to deliver according to Matouk's business needs.

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As a result of using the Magento-Salesforce integration, Matouk is able to house all customer data in a single platform and access each customer's journey with just a few clicks of a button. Access to the data paved the road for Matouk to grow customer LTV by 75% and the data has enabled the sales and marketing teams to improve customer retention by a staggering 125% within the first 6 months.

"The technical support was eager to learn our business and address our unique strategic needs."

Stuart Kiely Headshot
Stuart Kiely
Director of Technology at Matouk

In his own words

In addition to setting up and configuring the integration between two of its essential business systems, Kiely said his company was impressed by the knowledge and passion exhibited by the [TechNWeb] team.

"There seemed to be a strong level of engineering/support behind the product and a desire to make continuous improvements to features and stability. It was fairly seamless set up experience and the overall investment turned out to be far less than we anticipated compares to developing a custom API or generic ETL solution" he said.

"With the Magento and Salesforce integration, business is more holistic and offers a more complete and up-to-date picture of all our customers, their purchasing behaviors, product preferences, etc. This data forms the foundation of a strong brand that can deliver a top-quality customer experience informed by data," Kiely said.

"Transactions are just one part of the customer journey and the transactional data needs to be joined together with everything else we know about the customer. Any business that gets the importance of tying this data together, and uses these two platforms, would benefit from this integration," he said.

"There is a treasure trove of data sitting in your eCommerce system….how are you extracting it and merging it with other valuable data to make it actionable? If you can’t act on the data, it's a wasted asset. Magento + Salesforce Integration helps move the data efficiently to a place where it can become more actionable and, therefore, more valuable."