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How Lhasa OMS created a new eCommerce recurring revenue stream by implementing the Subscription Management solution by TechNWeb

Lhasa OMS is a B2B medical products company specializing in acupuncture needles and supplies for healthcare practitioners. Founded in 1979, the company became the largest manufacturer of this niche in the U.S.

The Challenge

Lhasa OMS required a subscription-based solution to address the need to replenish customers' inventory of medical devices used to treat patients. The company needed to ensure that only licensed healthcare practitioners could purchase class one and class two medical devices.

When searching for a solution to meet their needs, Lhasa OMS struggled to find an option that could accommodate their specific requirements. They needed a robust back-end admin area that would allow them to add discounts at the product level, toggle product availability for subscriptions, and limit certain products to specific customer types. 

While other providers were unable or unwilling to meet these needs, TechNWeb offered a solution and a proposal that fit Lhasa’s desired budget and timeline. The solution for Lhasa's challenge was the mPower module paired with recurring revenue consultation, Magento theme customizations, and backend Magento development services.

“[We] wanted an intuitive yet robust back end admin area where we could set up our products… Everyone I talked to said they couldn’t do this custom work. A few of them [quoted us] crazy costs and timelines. And [TechNWeb] was really the only one who said, “Yeah, no sweat, we can do it”. ”

Carl Schwartz

SVP Revenue / Chief Customer Officer at Lhasa OMS

The Approach

TechNWeb had to tackle a complex challenge when working with Lhasa's product display on their Magento website. It involved dealing with different product types and customer groups. As an example, Lhasa's most popular product is acupuncture needles. They have different attributes, such as length and gauge, which are essential for medical providers to choose thoroughly. All this had to be taken into account for displaying to practitioners at the same time without introducing any new behavior for site navigation.  

After solving the challenge of displaying Lhasa's products on its website, PowerSync was approached by Lhasa's Creative Director. The request was to assist them in implementing a new checkout experience to further improve conversion metrics for one-time purchases. 

Leveraging the foundation of mPower, the teams collaborated in 5 UX meetings to finalize the design of the shopping cart page and new checkout, which included a one-time purchase experience, plus the auto-ship scenarios for practitioners. Designs and wireframes are provided below for reference.


The new checkout experience for Lhasa OMS with subscriptions

Why recurring revenue is an important strategy for Lhasa

Lhasa OMS knew that implementing the mPower, the Subscription Management Solution, was necessary to meet the growing demands of their customers and create loyalty. To reduce customer churn and enhance customer experience, Lhasa saw the need to introduce subscription options and auto-ship features. 

Having implemented mPower, Lhasa was able to save customers time and address the issue of forgetting items when ordering via phone. Additionally, many of Lhasa's customers are solo healthcare practitioners who are not always skilled in procurement. This made the subscription option a valuable and convenient tool for their needs.

Why Lhasa chose TechNWeb

Lhasa needed a partner who would be flexible and agile to help solve their challenges quickly and effectively, ensuring the best  ROI. TechNWeb was able to fit and exceed Lhasa’s requirements and expectations.


"It was the flexibility for the custom work that put us over the edge with TechNWeb. I think their business model is quite brilliant. They have a full development company and this is a way to drive business into it. I appreciate that because we always knew that we can rely on them even beyond subscription if we needed to."
Carl Schwartz Headshot

Carl Schwartz

SVP Revenue / Chief Customer Officer at Lhasa OMS

Lhasa’s SVP also called out TechNWeb’s real-life experience of streamlining eCommerce businesses, patience, and seamless communication as major value adds.


"I think [TechNWeb] went above and beyond. Communication was fantastic. Project planning was fantastic."

Carl Schwartz

SVP Revenue / Chief Customer Officer at Lhasa OMS