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Maximizing INSEAD's Donation Flow with the mPower Module

In August 2021, TechNWeb was approached by INSEAD to address a critical challenge they were facing. INSEAD is a leading business school that offers MBA, Executive MBA, and PhD programs to students from around the world. With campuses in Europe, Asia, and the Middle East, INSEAD is recognized as one of the top business schools globally, consistently ranked in the top 10 by the Financial Times.

INSEAD's Challenge with Online Donation System

INSEAD faced a significant challenge with its online donation system. Due to the financial model of the school, 25% of INSEAD's revenue is generated through online donations. So it was crucial for them to have a centralized system in place.

However, there were several major challenges. First, the website's functionality didn't allow the school to determine when donors gave through their website. It didn't have an option of notifying, which caused donors to manually inform the school of the donation. 

Second, the administration data did not provide an end date for recurring payments. As a result, INSEAD had to manually update payment records based on a report from their payment gateway, Braintree. This process was time-consuming, tedious, and prone to error.

"… recurring payments are not available in Magento out of the box. It's something you have to build on your own. [TechNWeb] has created a model that has real significance to businesses like us."
Carole Darche Headshot

Carole Darche

Head of Student Information, Finance, Online Payment, HR Systems, IT.

Integration of mPower into INSEAD's System

To address the challenge faced by INSEAD, TechNWeb used a methodological approach that focused on integrating mPower into their system. With the help of our Magento subscription and recurring payments module, we assembled such solutions: 

  • Ensure that all payment gateways were supported
  • Provide recurring payments functionality that wasn't tied to a specific module or gateway 

In case of changes in the payment gateway, such as moving from Braintree to Stripe, the user journey for donors and administrative staff would remain unaffected. Additionally, the use of mPower allowed for the automation of recurring payments. This eliminated the need for manual updates and simplified the process for INSEAD. 

The approach provided INSEAD with a flexible and efficient solution that integrated all payment gateways and simplified the process of managing recurring payments.


"Maybe the biggest benefit to my business since we began with mPower is probably the administration of recurring payments. If today we use Braintree and tomorrow decide to switch to Stripe for recurring payment, it would be possible with mPower. I'm not limited to Braintree recurring payments only. It wasn't the case before."
Carole Darche Headshot

Carole Darche

Head of Student Information, Finance, Online Payment, HR Systems, IT.


The integration of Magento2 with Oracle Finance enabled the school to centralize all of its online revenue, including donations, memberships, and product sales. This allowed for easy tracking of profits and losses and provided a streamlined system for managing revenue.

Why Choose mPower?

  • Broad functionality 
INSEAD chose mPower as their solution because it provided them with a powerful admin interface that was similar to what end-users could see. But it had more functionality for administrators to take action on behalf of donors. This was a significant improvement from their previous system which lacked this functionality. 

  • Set end date
The end date for recurring payments was another feature that was very useful. It simplified the process of manually updating recurring payments based on reports from Braintree. With mPower, payments stopped automatically when they were supposed to, which made the process much simpler and less time-consuming.

  • Updates 

mPower allows donors to update their expired credit cards and stop their recurring payments on their own using their INSEAD login. This functionality was critical to the donor journey. INSEAD was able to develop it once without having to redevelop it again, which was a significant time saver.

Overall, mPower provided INSEAD with a long-term solution that had the functionality that they needed to manage all their revenue streams in one system.


"I got what I wanted, I can tell you. It's working well, and the value we got was much larger than the investment. It's a fair situation and it's a success story in a way that I'm doing recurring at INSEAD."
Carole Darche Headshot

Carole Darche

Head of Student Information, Finance, Online Payment, HR Systems, IT.


Advantages Gained Through Collaboration 

  • Increased ROI. The implementation of mPower into INSEAD's website has resulted in a substantial increase in donation revenue. This has enabled INSEAD to make better use of its resources and grow the impact of its fundraising efforts.
  • Balance Between Client Needs and Technical Requirements. TechNWeb understood the constraints of the university and the client's budgetary limitations. This allowed for a solution that met INSEAD's needs while staying within the budget.
  • Transparent Workload Tracking. Using TechNWeb’s Customer Portal and Slack provided INSEAD with a clear overview of the project's progress and workload. This allowed for easy communication and ensured that everyone was on the same page throughout the project.
  • Flexibility on Payment Gateway Choice. TechNWeb's solution allowed INSEAD to choose the payment gateway they preferred. This gave the school the freedom to select the best payment gateway for their needs.
  • Open Communication. The companies had a strong collaborative relationship, with open communication and a willingness to listen to each other's perspectives. This helped to build trust and ensured that the project was completed successfully.
  • Experience in Problem-Solving. TechNWeb brings a fresh perspective to the table. The team has the experience and expertise to handle complex projects while remaining flexible and adaptable to the client's changing needs.
"I think there was caring on both sides and that's why I think it was a great outcome both companies." 
Carole Darche Headshot

Carole Darche

Head of Student Information, Finance, Online Payment, HR Systems, IT.

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