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Have you heard any of these from your teams?

  • I hate using Salesforce – it's clunky and slow
  • I can’t find anything in our Salesforce Org
  • We don’t have the necessary data in Salesforce
  • Our automations & processes give me headaches
  • We don’t have that report in Salesforce
  • I don’t know how to do that
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Igor Krasnykh

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"TechNWeb's team was a great resource for us."

They gave us the necessary training, fixed issues with old flows, and consulted us on the new features and functionality. We are far more efficient using Salesforce as a result.

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We'll Fine-Tune Your Salesforce Org to maximize your ROI

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Optimize Team Efficiency

Create leadership dashboards, reports, and custom fields, and optimize layouts that will evolve your business and processes.

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Business Process Tuning

Enhance and optimize your Salesforce Sales & Service Cloud Org automations & processes as your business grows.

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Grow Profit

Transform and modernize your internal tools, minimize operational overhead, and improve data quality and integrity.

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"I would describe TechNWeb's work as 'well-thought-out'.

The TechNWeb team was able to save us money and figure out the best way to address our business challenges."


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Helping Your Business Scale with Salesforce

Salesforce can be frustrating to use if it is not optimized to fit your business needs. But it’s a powerful tool in your pursuit of global scaling when it supports your teams and the business overall.

At TechNWeb, we use decades of User & Customer Experience knowledge, and we marry it with a deep understanding of the Salesforce Sales & Service Cloud platform to identify pain points. PowerSync excels at optimizing and implementing native functionality and custom solutions that help businesses grow their top-line revenue or reduce bottom-line costs.

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  • Focus on producing high ROI
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Well-executed business process automation in Salesforce boosts your competitive advantage by:

  • Reducing overhead costs
  • Enhancing team efficiency
  • Improving the accuracy of sales forecasts and projections

We can help you minimize monotonous busy work while maximizing useful data, so your teams can focus on what they do best.


What is business process automation in Salesforce?

Salesforce is a highly customizable platform. Many companies keep using legacy Salesforce automation & customizations while their business continues to evolve. It’s imperative to continue to evolve your processes with the business and not let dated processes and automation stifle your growth.

A good analogy for your Salesforce business process automation is a cell phone operating system (OS – think Android or iOS). Developers continue to think of more and more sophisticated apps for smartphones – similar to the way your business strategies and processes continue to evolve.

If a cell phone operating system (OS) is never updated, its capabilities will limit the innovation of the apps that can run on it. This is similar to trying to run your evolving business on a Salesforce automation implementation that just doesn’t fit it well. Such neglect of an “OS” can even result in an outcome similar to what happened with Blackberry.

How can I benefit from Salesforce business process automation?

Asana’s 2022 Anatomy of Work report shows that over 50% of the work week is lost to “menial, repetitive tasks”. Business logic and process automation in Salesforce saves your company money. That is a 100% accurate statement, 100% of the time. By automating repeated tasks and activities, your team will focus on more important things. With the monotonous tasks removed, and replaced with revenue generating activities, the general performance of the whole business is increased.

Do I need automation to scale my business?

Both small and large businesses use automation. In fact, 88% of SMEs mentioned using automation to compete with industry giants. This is an opportunity to increase your team’s efficiency and cover a larger market share. If you’re looking to accelerate your growth, automation is one of the keys to success.

How can a company automate its processes in Salesforce?

You require a professional team with a relevant background in your industry. TechNWeb can help you with the Salesforce business process automation, support your solution after implementation, and integrate powerful add-ons for your company that will make you leap forward vs. taking it one small step at a time. Taking leaps is not scary – our experts will guide you through the process and help you avoid potential pitfalls. Let’s get started today!

Can I hire Salesforce experts to give our internal team an extra set of hands for a project?

Absolutely. If you know who you need and how many people are required for you to complete your project, just let us know, and we can offer you a person or several teams depending on your business needs.

If your scope is not well-defined yet, we can do a discovery phase with you, before helping you build an action plan. The action plan will include the detailed scope, required capacity and the budget needed to accomplish your task(s).

Which Salesforce products do you work with?

Salesforce is a huge platform with a ton of products and capabilities. Our team has experience with many of those products and capabilities. Our specialty, however, is in Salesforce Sales Cloud, Salesforce Service Cloud, Salesforce Health Cloud, and Salesforce Commerce Cloud.