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Salesforce development services include a large variety of tailored professional services offered by PowerSync. Creating Salesforce Apps, building integrations, implementing process automation, APEX Classes, triggers, optimizing SOQL queries, code audit, security scanning, developing managed packages, and more.

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Platform Implementations

Salesforce Services by TechNWeb

Salesforce Consulting

TechNWeb provides Salesforce consulting services to aid companies in growing their profits, optimizing their business processes, improving team efficiency, and reducing operational overhead.

Our team of experts will help you identify bottlenecks and uncover opportunities so you can scale your operations. Frequent platform and process audits often reveal bottlenecks that stifle growth, drive frustration, and erode morale in your teams. With an action plan in place, your teams can focus on what they do best.

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Salesforce Implementation

Salesforce Sales Cloud and Service Cloud come with powerful features to fit any business. Our expert team can help discern how best to make them fit your business needs and implementation budget. From start to finish, we focus on reducing your operational overhead by delighting your teams and increasing your profits.

For some clients, this means keeping Salesforce simple to use and making it easy to scale their straightforward business practices. For larger businesses, our team takes the pain out of creating the complex yet technologically elegant implementation you require so that your teams will love using Salesforce.

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Salesforce Customization

All businesses are different and require various tools and techniques to grow. Instead of having a cumbersome solution with dozens of services that you might never use, Salesforce CRM development services allow agencies like PowerSync to tailor, optimize, and perfect Salesforce CRM features and functionality to align with your business processes.

  • Customizing Objects and Layouts
  • Creating custom Reports and Dashboards
  • Creating automation to reduce operational overhead
  • Building Apps and Integrations

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"They made the 'Magic Button'. And the Magic Button works. My sales reps love [it]."


Vanessa Nornberg-Barey

CEO, Metal Mafia

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Migrating to Salesforce

Switching to a new CRM platform, especially one as diverse as Salesforce, may overwhelm businesses and their employees. The team of TechNWeb experts will help you every step of the way:

  • Mapping existing business processes and data to Salesforce
  • Creating an action plan
  • Preparing and moving the data
  • Building Apps, Integrations, Automation, Reports, and Dashboards
  • Onboarding and training your teams

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Integrating with Salesforce

Salesforce’s robust API allows platform integrations with other systems, platforms, and ecosystems. The TechNWeb Salesforce development team has over a decade of integration experience with Salesforce. Examples of integrations TechNWeb has built in the past include, but are not limited to:

  • Simple single record updates
  • Bulk transactions (millions of transactions)
  • Complex cascading updates
  • Complex record de-duplication business logic
  • Complex lookup / record-matching logic
  • Data mapping interfaces
  • Error handling and re-try mechanisms

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Support and Maintenance

TechNWeb offers full-cycle Salesforce development services, ongoing support, and post-implementation maintenance. The PowerSync technical team is proactive in conducting frequent platform and code audits that help identify bottlenecks early. With PowerSync as your technical partner you:

  • Prevent critical issues early
  • Keep your Salesforce Org fast and easy to use
  • Reduce operational overhead with automation
  • Keep your data clean, safe, and secure
  • Get peace of mind

Maximize Salesforce ROI

"From the get-go, you're having in-depth conversations about all the products in your architecture … those are conversations that you don't get with a salesperson."

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Katherine Dean

Director of IT at FirstBook

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Outcomes focused

Our certified Salesforce experts will audit your Salesforce Org and propose solutions with the most ROI


Committed to best practices

Seamlessly incorporate your unique sales processes into your architecture with Salesforce best practices in mind

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Highly responsive

We have a 24-hour SLA business practice with all our customers

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How much do you charge for your Salesforce services?

We often provide consultation, architecture, development, testing/QA, and project management assistance. Each task and engagement may require one or multiple people with various skills and expertise. Discovery phases are based on times and materials. Project cost will depend on the level of effort and the number of people we will require to get the job done efficiently. As your Salesforce development services partner, we will calculate your project’s costs and benefits individually after we conduct a short discovery effort.

What falls under Salesforce development services?

In short, anything that your Salesforce Admin may not be able to do or anything that they may not be comfortable doing. Usually, this includes building integrations or complex apps, custom pages with unique logic, etc.

Salesforce development experts or developers are technical specialists who have an in-depth understanding of the platform and know the ins and outs of the system. They help companies customize their Salesforce application to gain the most benefits and improve their business, and they often help implement more sophisticated business logic via APEX code and by leveraging SOOQL.

Can I hire Salesforce experts to give us a set of extra hands for our internal team for a project?

Absolutely. If you know who you need and how many people are required for you to complete your project, just let us know, and we can offer you a person or several teams depending on your business needs.

If your scope still needs to be well-defined, we can do a discovery phase with you before helping you build an action plan. The action plan will include the detailed scope, required capacity, and the budget needed to accomplish your task(s).

Which Salesforce products do you specialize in?

Salesforce is a huge platform with a ton of products and capabilities. Our team has experience with many of those products and capabilities. Our specialty, however, is in Salesforce Sales Cloud, Salesforce Service Cloud, Salesforce Health Cloud, and Salesforce Commerce Cloud.