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Turn Salesforce Sales and Service Cloud into your billing platform. Process customer invoices, and collect order payments without leaving Salesforce. This secure and PCI-compliant solution allows you to also translate customer payment details into tokens and re-use these tokens to quickly process future customer payments with ease.

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Easy to Install

just a few clicks to get operational.

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Stripe integration is PCI compliant.

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Boost Efficiency

Focus on what's important.

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Solution benefits:
  • Easy to install
  • FREE for 15 days


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 Solution benefits:
  • Collect Credit Card payments
  • Debit via ACH 
  • Save payment methods for future
  • Connect to any object in Salesforce
  • Priority Support & Short SLAs


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Solution benefits:
  • Custom Business Flows & Scenarios
  • Custom Fields and Business Needs
  • Team and Business Consultation
  • Training & Process Implementation

Save Time, Securely

Accept secure, PCI-compliant payments directly in Salesforce. No more switching back and forth between platforms or dealing with slow integrations.

Simplify Getting Paid

With our Stripe virtual terminal and powerful subscription / recurring payments functionality, it’s easy to take payments and add them to any process.

Grow Your Business

Automatically collect invoices, and customer-requested orders, all within Salesforce. We’ve streamlined every step and designed it for scale.

Increase revenue while reducing manual work

Watch this short video to see how order automation and payment processing via Stripe in Salesforce Sales Cloud can help you save time and grow your recurring revenue.

Are Your Teams Efficient?

"This solution was all we could ask for. It opened up my job to do other things."

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Carrie Hermanson

PBHS (marketing agency)

Stripe Virtual Terminal for Salesforce (Secure & PCI compliant)

Salesforce Payments is a highly configurable Salesforce extension built to fit your unique sales processes and scale as you grow.

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PowerSync was built to make your business process more manageable and open up your schedule

White-glove installation and support are available upon request.

The main benefits of Stripe and Salesforce integration from PowerSync

Payment Operations

With this Stripe Virtual Terminal for Salesforce, you are able to process payments from any device.

Secure and Protected

The integration is fully PCI compliant with side Stripe.js tokenization.

Payment Process

Process one-time and recurring credit card or ACH debit payments directly in Salesforce.

Flexible Payment Options

Stripe Virtual Terminal enables you to collect partial payments with the simple click of a button.

Automatic Billing

Native integration with Recurrex lets you handle any recurring payments and subscriptions.

Easy to Install

Install and setup within minutes, and it works with custom Salesforce objects.

PowerSync Promise

Enjoy full-scale automation for your business

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Seamless Integration

Seamless, customizable integration to grow sales and enable world-class customer service.

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Process Automation

Eliminate double entries. PowerSync will automate your process.

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Team Efficiency

Payments Integration has proven to eliminate 20%+ of operational overhead on sales teams.

Let's discuss your business needs together

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PowerSync has provided bespoke solutions and expert recurring revenue consulting for e-commerce businesses since 2011.

Ask us how to automate your invoices, streamline your back office, and implement recurring revenue strategies that build customer loyalty, even in a bearish economy.

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Are your payment integrations PCI-compliant?

Yes, no sensitive information is captured, stored, or transacted in Salesforce.

What are the advantages of Stripe and Salesforce integrations?
  • Charge customer’s credit card without leaving Salesforce;
  • Initiate an ACH debit without leaving Salesforce;
  • A PCI-compliant solution;
  • Natively works with Recurrex (subscriptions and order automation solution for Salesforce).
Can I process partial payments with this Salesforce and Stripe Integration?

Yes, partial payments are supported out of the box.

How does ACH debit work with Salesforce Stripe Integration?

You will need to input a routing number and an account number for direct debit. After the bank record is created, you must go through the bank validation step. Stripe will make two temporary micro-deposits. When deposits show up, you will need to enter the amounts of those micro-deposits in Salesforce on the bank record to confirm the bank. After this validation step is complete, you will be able to draft funds directly from the bank.

Does ACH draft work for any bank?

Stripe users in the United States can accept ACH Direct Debit payments from customers with a US bank account using the Automated Clearing House (ACH) payments system operated by Nacha (the governing body that oversees ACH network).

Can I issue refunds for processed payments?

Yes, you are able to issue a full refund for any payments processed through our Salesforce and Stripe integration without leaving Salesforce.