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Send invoices to your customers and bills for your vendors directly in the Adobe Commerce platform. Automatically apply late fees and automatically collect invoice payments using the Adobe invoice software.

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Flexible NET Terms

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Automatic Late Fees

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Invoice Reminders

Pricing Tiers

Pick a plan that fits your business needs and desired outcomes

Magento Commerce

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Solution benefits:
  • Flexible NET Terms
  • Automatic Invoice Reminders
  • Automatic Collections (CC)
  • Pre-built Email Templates
  • PDF Invoice Attachment
  • FREE Upgrades and Support

Adobe Commerce/Cloud

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 Solution benefits:
  • Flexible NET Terms
  • Automatic Invoice Reminders
  • Automatic Collections (CC & ACH)
  • Pre-built Email Templates
  • Global & Customer-Specific Settings
  • PDF Invoice Attachments
  • Flexible Invoice Prefixes and Numbers
  • Priority Support & Shorter SLAs


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Solution benefits:
  • Enterprise Billing System Integration
  • Custom Business Flows & Scenarios
  • Custom Fields and Business Needs
  • Team and Business Consultation
  • Training & Process Implementation

Customer Invoice and Bill features

Flexible NET Terms

Set NET terms for each customer or vendor or an invoice. Adjust default NET terms for different customers based on your agreements and contracts.

Automatic Late Fees

Don't become a bank. Automatically apply late fees to past-due invoices. When the invoice is paid, collect late fees if the invoice was past due.

Flexible Format

Send invoices and bills over email with or without a PDF file or other document attachments.

Automated Scheduling

Send invoices reminders to your customers or vendors before invoices are due or when they become past due.

Self Service

You customers or vendors can pay invoices directly on your website using credit cards or any other available payment methods.

Recurring Orders

Customize recurring payments with the invoice software for Adobe to streamline repetitive transactions.

Send and process invoices in the Adobe billing invoice platform

See what the Customer Invoices and Bills Adobe Commerce/Magento 2 extension does. Scroll the carousel for a complete overview of the solution.

The Challenge.

B2B merchants and service providers often are forced to use a separate billing platform to issue invoices and even yet another system to process payments. It further separates your teams and departments where everyone uses their unique tools, and in many cases, these systems don’t talk to one another. Your team spends additional effort to aggregate sales and financial data from various places while you spend money on a system your teams only partially use.

The Solution.

PowerSync created the Customer Invoices and Vendor Bills solution for the Adobe Commerce platform to close this gap. With Adobe solutions, invoice payment for B2B businesses can now extend further in order to collect additional revenue through a single system without further complicating their technical footprint with additional software and paid SaaS services.

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PowerSync was built to make your business process more manageable and open up your schedule

White-glove installation and support are available upon request.

PowerSync Promise

Enjoy full-scale automation for your business

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Seamless Integration

Seamless, customizable integration to grow sales and enable world-class customer service.

Process Automation Icon

Process Automation

Eliminate double entries. PowerSync will automate your process.

Team Efficiency Icon

Team Efficiency

No more lag-time. PowerSync synchronizes data between Magento and Salesforce in real-time.

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Does this extension work with Magento Commerce (aka. OpenSource)

Yes, this extension works with Magento Open Source (Magento Community), Adobe Commerce (a paid offering) and Adobe Commerce Cloud (a paid offering hosted by Adobe).

Does this solution work with a free version of Magento?

Yes, this solution works with Magento Commerce (aka. Open Source, aka. Community), Adobe Commerce (aka. Magento Enterprise), and Adobe Commerce Cloud. We support Magento version 2.4.3 and higher.

Is there a middleware for this solution?

No, there is no middleware. Bills/ Invoices are created directly via Adobe Commerce’s backend. Customers are able to view and process bills/invoices through their personal account on the website.

Can you help with the installation and/or onboarding effort?

Yes. There is a one-time onboarding fee that is applied to your first invoice, and the cost differs depending on the scope of work and the level of engagement you require:

  • Basic – Only offered if you are working with one of our approved partners to do the implementation for you.
  • Select – Standard onboarding effort mainly focused on installing the software and basic configuration (up to 2 environments, usually staging and production environments). This is a good option if you have an in-house Magento developer who will be allocated/dedicated to this project.
  • White-glove – We do everything with minimal effort on your side. This option is best if you have custom needs and/or you need assistance with data migration or team training, etc.
Do you offer ongoing support?

Yes, we offer the following support options:

  • Basic
  • Silver
  • Extended

The main difference is in SLA, what engagement channels you want to use for communication.

What is the price for Customer Invoices and Vendor Bills solution?

We charge an annual license & support fee for this solution. The annual fee depends on your anticipated volume of invoices/bills. There is also a one-time onboarding fee to install and configure the solution.

The cost of the onboarding effort also depends on how much hand-holding your team will require to get this solution installed, configured, modified (if necessary), and rolled out to your finance teams.