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2023 CRM Goals for Ecommerce


Over the last few years, the ecommerce market has got extremely competitive, with companies fighting hard to obtain customers and deliver an outstanding experience. Customer Relationship Management (CRM) plays a critical role and the latest research reports that it can boost purchase value by 40%.

The CRM industry has also seen tremendous changes. With cloud services becoming the new golden standard and numerous tools for Sales, Services and Marketing, Salesforce has topped the list. In the last 2 years, the main push in CRM has been towards automation, such as PowerSync’s Salesforce integration, and Artificial Intelligence (AI). Salesforce’s Einstein, for example, has been delivering 3 billion predictions per day since 2018.

Llet’s talk about CRM goals for ecommerce. After reviewing the latest research and surveying our own customers, here’s our list!

  1. Increase Customer Satisfaction – whether your organization is an SMB, large enterprise or a non-profit, you are probably looking for ways to personalize your service or deepen the relationship with your customer. With that in mind, tracking every order and every interaction become extremely important. For those of you working for service companies, this may also include tracking SLA’s. A whopping 74% of businesses that use CRM report better customer relationships.
  2. Become More Efficient – this category includes such goals as responding to customer inquiries quicker, replacing manual workflows, gaining better visibility into your sales pipeline and reducing operating cost. 50% of teams using CRM reported increased productivity, while 20% showed a decrease in labor costs.
  3. Boost Sales – for many of you, the main focus for 2019 might be to increase revenue. With CRM platforms such as Salesforce, you have all the data right at your fingertips! You can identify your most valuable accounts and work on improving retention. You can also design more effective marketing campaigns through better segmentation and the creation of highly targeted marketing lists. Join ecommerce leaders such as, Crocs, Kroger and Michaels by implementing Salesforce and transform your business!

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