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What is the value of Magento and Salesforce integration and why do it?


Magento and Salesforce are two of the leading cloud-based platforms used by businesses today. They provide a comprehensive suite of tools to help businesses manage their operations, optimize customer engagement and increase sales.

Integrating these two powerful systems can yield a number of advantages, ranging from improved customer experience to increased efficiency and cost savings. For instance, using Salesforce increases customer satisfaction by 35% and revenue by 25%. Moreover, compared to other businesses, Adobe Commerce (aka. Magento)-based businesses grow three times faster.

In this article, we will discuss the value of Magento and Salesforce integration and why it is beneficial in various aspects of your business.

What is the Magento and Salesforce integration?

What is the value of Magento

If you’re running a Magento-based website and use Salesforce to manage customer communication, you most likely need to manually transfer the data between these platforms.

Please note that not having the data in both of these platforms is like having two people driving a car. One person can’t see the road and can only press on the brakes, the other person is steering the wheel, but cannot control the speed. On top of all that, these two people are speaking two different languages and cannot communicate.

You can only imagine how far this car will be able to get. Copying data manually between both platforms is similar to adding a translator to that moving car from the previous analogy. Now, what if you could automate and streamline the process (in other words teach the two people how to communicate effectively)?

This is where the Adobe Commerce/Magento 2 and Salesforce Integration steps in. Developed by PowerSync, it is a solution created to help businesses (large and small) implement an out of the box system that helps increase your team efficiency. Imagine a self-driving car where the technology determines the optimal vehicle speed for every turn & situation. It’s designed to get you from point A to point B safely and without any mistakes & accidents that humans tend to make from time to time.

The integration is compatible with the most recent versions of Magento Commerce/Adobe Commerce and includes access to the technical support team if any issues arise. It also adds value covering various aspects of your business such as:

  • Increased sales volume due to abandoned cart integration and processes
  • Improved processes through integrated experience & quotation for B2B sales
  • Enhanced cashflow through integrated B2B billing and automated invoice payments
  • Improved customer conversion through integrated ChatBot and LiveAgent experiences
  • Scaled up business with access to comprehensive reports in one platform

Below you’ll find more details on five ways how the Magento and Salesforce integration can benefit your business.

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Customer experience

What is the value of Magento 2

One of the primary benefits of the Magento and Salesforce integration is improved & seamless customer experience. This allows your sales team(s) to quickly access customer information, their purchases, and review their overall journey with your brand in one platform (a Customer 360).

Access to all this information will help you continue to grow and strengthen relationships with each customer by providing them with the best-in-class customer service, recommending them additional products (based on their needs and life patterns).

The better your relationship with all your customers is, the higher chance they’ll become your brand advocates. Brand advocates spend more with the brand they love and they bring you more business through the word of mouth (free marketing).

What is the value of Magento 3

Another benefit of Salesforce and Magento integration is the increased sales that come from your abandoned carts. Let’s be honest, every eCommerce store has abandoned carts. The question is: do you know how many abandoned carts per day you have in your store and do you have a strategy to convert them into orders?

Abandoned Cart strategy is a critical aspect of an online shopping experience and one of the main metrics store owners must pay attention to. Adobe Commerce and Salesforce integration helps you capture abandoned carts in Salesforce. It also enables the eCommerce business to apply many different strategies to re-engage with those customers in an attempt to convert potential revenue into actual revenue.

One of those strategies is a simple email drip campaign triggered from Salesforce Marketing Cloud (or any other Email Marketing platform integrated with your CRM) to improve order conversion rate by 17.6% on average.

Get the most out of Adobe Commerce/Magento and Salesforce platforms. Schedule a complimentary call to find out how.

B2B sales: bulk and wholesale purchases

The integration of Magento and Salesforce also allows businesses to leverage the power of both systems and grow their revenue. By integrating both platforms, any business can create a more comprehensive customer experience that is tailored to the B2B distributor and reseller needs.

In the recent years there has been a trend of B2B businesses implementing self-service portals and eCommerce stores (both B2B and D2C). This approach allows distributors, resellers and even direct customers to purchase products with little or no human interactions. Streamlined purchasing process leads to increased efficiency for both the seller and buyer.

What is the value of Magento 4

The Salesforce Sales Cloud gives you a 360 view of your customer and their journey with your brand. Anything from their quote requests (aka. Opportunities), order and activity history to important contact relationships, communication with your brand, internal account notes, customer campaign information, and other useful details.

With the Salesforce integration, the Adobe Commerce becomes a self-service portal. It allows resellers and manufacturers to place orders on their own and submit quotation requests for more complex purchases. Synchronization with Salesforce also gives a possibility to record all your offline opportunities and orders.

In addition, Adobe Commerce can now also handle B2B Invoicing thanks to the Bills extension also built by PowerSync. It gives your customers an ability to pay invoices through the Adobe Commerce platform manually or automatically collect invoices when the due date comes. At the same time, syncing all this data to Salesforce further helps you position your company for rapid growth and scale.

Want to make your B2B sales process smoother and more efficient with Magento and Salesforce integration? Schedule a complimentary session to review all your B2B business processes and learn the best path to integrate both platforms.

Business processes automation

Integrating Magento and Salesforce also offers operational advantages. A comprehensive integration of both platforms allows a business to manage processes from your platform of choice (whether its Magento or Salesforce). Such robust integration improves efficiency since you can access and manipulate any data you need on either side. It also gives you certainty that the changes will travel to the other platform behind the scenes.

As your business grows, other platforms may come into play that help cover various aspects of the order and fulfillment processes. You might already use (or may start seeing value) an ERP platform, or you might need a DropShip integration for order fulfillment (just to name a few).

What is the value of Magento 5

These other platforms usually come with Magento integrations already and those platforms start to manipulate data in Salesforce and/or Magento. You will quickly find yourself in a situation where an integration between your eCommerce platform and your CRM becomes critical.

It will ensure that your sales and service teams have the most up-to-date customer and order information available to provide the best in class customer service to your existing customers and also potential buyers. Waiting for 24 hours to sync data can often result in loss of opportunity or a frustrated customer who is waiting for their order.

Schedule a complimentary call to review your current business processes and have experts help you fine-tune and optimize those processes.

LiveChat Agent & ChatBot

What is the value of Magento 6

Another way of getting the best out of the synergy created by Salesforce and Magento is using Salesforce ChatBot and LiveAgent integrations. Here are the tools that Salesforce can help you with:

  • Salesforce Chatbot. This AI-powered software can help you quickly answer simple questions that customers have. Chatbots help with getting the status of an order, its tracking number, reporting issues or requesting a product exchange or a refund. At the same time, chatbots collect user data that helps sales agents in solving complex issues.
  • Salesforce Live Agent. This functionality works best in combination with chatbots. For instance, AI answers simple FAQs and the live agent steps in for complex cases. Unlike chatbots, they are more flexible but also require more time for answering. ChatBots help you save up to 30% of your customer service costs on average. Statistics also show that ChatBots can help you increase your sales by 67%.

Schedule a call and we can help you build the ChatBot and LiveAgent strategy for your business.

Reporting and Dashboards

If your website uses the Magento platform, native Magento reports and dashboards aren’t enough to receive all the necessary information about the health of your business.

Reports and Dashboards in Salesforce, however, are far more flexible and robust. Many businesses together with their executive team rely on Salesforce dashboards on a day-to-day basis. Bringing customer and sales data into Salesforce gives your business the ability to report on business health across multiple channels.

What is the value of Magento 7

If Salesforce operates without connection with the Magento website and vice versa, you’re getting only pieces of information. Continuously switching between platforms and manually combining data is a very time consuming process and not a good use of time (no matter what role you play in the business).

Schedule a complimentary call to learn what reports and dashboards our customers are implementing to run their business.

Wrapping up

In conclusion, the Magento and Salesforce integration offers a number of advantages crucial for different aspects of eCommerce businesses. Integrating the two systems can help you improve customer experience and increase sales. Additionally, it can help businesses streamline their operations and save time and resources.

PowerSync has been in business filling this gap from 2011 and is supporting customers in 19 countries around the globe. Start your journey with PowerSync today by scheduling a complimentary call.