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Black Friday: the Latest Subscription News

Black Friday

It’s Black Friday, which can be a subscription merchant’s dream! That is, as long as your website is prepared to handle an influx of sales.

This time of year always makes me think of FloraFlex — a PowerSync customer that first came to us with a media-heavy homepage and unoptimized content. Their page speed loading times were around 30 seconds, and the drop-off rate was more than 50%. Black Friday is considered the biggest revenue-generating event for FloraFlex, and PowerSync made the following improvements in just 45 days!

  • Page speed loading times were reduced three-fold;
  • Drop-off rate reduced by ~27%;
  • Black Friday sales brought in ~25% more revenue compared to the previous year.

Today, if you find yourself looking for ways to improve your eCommerce site performance, please reach out! Schedule time on my calendar for a risk-free consultation. I’m always here to help.

Every week, we highlight the biggest news happening in the subscription economy. Our hope is to inspire you to glean from what other successful recurring revenue merchants are doing, and we scour the web so you can stay current without getting buried in content. We also accept submissions, so please share your latest business news with for consideration.

Let’s get into it, but first…

Deals of The Week — Black Friday Edition

DoorDash Will Let Customers Gift DashPass Subscriptions

DoorDash is selling three-month, six-month and 12-month memberships of its DashPass subscription as a holiday gift option for consumers.

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Black Friday 2

Recession Resilience: The Power of Recurring Revenue

Given recurring revenue’s predictability, it can help businesses weather the storm during economic uncertainty.

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Contrary to Concerns, News Organizations Are Still Seeing a Rise in Subscriptions

The Medill Subscriber Engagement Index shows “that the bottom has not fallen out,” as some feared would happen as the pandemic eased

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Elon Musk: Twitter subscriptions coming next week, gold check for companies, grey for govts

After pausing the $8 Twitter Blue subscription due to a barrage of troll accounts, Elon Musk says that the subscription is finally making a return.

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The 2022 Holiday Subscription Gift Guide Presented by SUBTA

Leave your loved ones speechless with these recurring gifts.

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