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Subscription Industry: the Latest News for October 2022

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Why do subscriptions fail?

That’s the million-dollar question many recurring revenue merchants have pondered. Sometimes, having insight into what doesn’t work is just as important as knowing what does work. And now, the Harvard Business Review is providing insight into three things that cause the demise of subscription businesses. I recommend checking out the article, and — as always — schedule time with me if you’re ready to take a deep dive into your eCommerce strategy.

Every week, we highlight the biggest news happening in the subscription economy. Our hope is to inspire you to glean from what other successful recurring revenue merchants are doing, and we scour the web so you can stay current without getting buried in content. We also accept submissions, so please share your latest business news with for consideration.

Let’s get into it, but first…

Deals of The Week

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Porsche's Subscription Program Changes The Way We Get Behind The Wheel

Five years after launching as a pilot program in Atlanta in late 2017, the vehicle subscription and rental service has grown to 18 dealers in 15 U.S. cities.

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Workers on Strike Against Post-Gazette Ask Readers to Cancel Subscriptions

One week into their strike against the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, workers and their union representatives are asking readers to cancel their print and digital subscriptions, in addition to urging advertisers to discontinue business with the company.

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EVCS Launches Flat-Rate EV Charging Subscriptions

West Coast charging network operator EVCS markets a monthly fixed fee subscription to high-mileage EV drivers.

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Subscriptions Push Premium Over Freemium Amid Rising Prices

While the freemium model has long been used to entice users to try a service and then, over time, upsell them into buying access to richer features, the widespread effect of belt-tightening and app fatigue appear to be pushing more apps to find new ways to monetize their experiences.

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Apple, Spotify Podcast Feeds Pose Challenges for Growing Subscriptions

Podcasters are waiting on Apple, Spotify and other podcast-hosting platforms to offer more flexibility and features to grow listenership and make it easier for people to find the shows that offer subscriptions.

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