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Subscription News Roundup: Exploring and leverage memberships and much more


Today, I want to share an insightful resource with you from The company recently released a report about the benefits of memberships. It found that consumers spend more with brands that offer retail memberships. For example, Amazon Prime, Costco and Sam’s Club members spent more than 100% more than nonmembers each month.

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Every week, we highlight the biggest news happening in the subscription economy. Our hope is to inspire you to glean from what other successful recurring revenue merchants are doing, and we scour the web so you can stay current without getting buried in content. We also accept submissions, so please share your latest business news with for consideration.

Let’s get into it, but first…

Deals of The Week

Exploring and leverage memberships and much more

Amazon Will Shutter Amazon Care Hybrid Telehealth Service

Despite an expansion in February 2022, Amazon said the business model isn’t working.

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Netflix's Ad-Supported Subscription Could Cost $7 to $9

The new ad-supported subscription will also reportedly feature four minutes of ads per hour of content aired before and during Netflix programming.

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Consumer Preferences Are Shifting — Is it Time to Say Goodbye to Cable?

Subscription video on demand (SVOD) streaming has officially surpassed cable in television (TV) consumption as of July 2022, according to a recent Nielsen report. Read the full story on

Disney Exploring Amazon Prime Style Membership Program with Park Discounts

Disney is exploring a membership program that could offer discounts and special perks to encourage customers to spend more at Walt Disney World and Disneyland, as well as streaming services, merchandise and more

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Withings Has a New Smart Scale and 'Health+' Fitness Subscription Platform

Withings is today announcing yet another in its range of class-leading smart scales, Body Comp. The device is pitched as a “complete body assessment scale” which can look at the sort of facets of our bodies normally reserved for clinical settings. 

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