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Subscription News Roundup: How NOT to Fall Victim to Box Fatigue

How NOT to Fall Victim to Box Fatigue-1

CNBC reports that some customers are suffering from “box fatigue.” That means they’re showing less interest in purchasing curated boxes of clothing and other items. Trunk Club, which was acquired by Nordstrom in 2014, no longer exists. Stitch Fix, which was founded in 2011, is struggling to be profitable. Reading this article made my mind drift back to one of my previous blog posts where we discussed six ways to join the subscription economy. Of course, subscription boxes are one option, but there are other ways to benefit from recurring revenue. I invite you to take a look, and if you’re interested in speaking more about your e-commerce strategy, schedule a quick call with meEvery week, we highlight the biggest news happening in the subscription economy. Our hope is to inspire you to glean from what other successful recurring revenue merchants are doing, and we scour the web, so you can stay current without getting buried in content. We also accept submissions, so please share your latest business news with for consideration. Let’s get into it, but first …

Deals of The Week

How NOT to Fall Victim to Box Fatigue 2-1

Car Washes: The ‘Affordable Luxury’ Subscription Consumers Are Keeping

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Buick, GMC Now Require $1,500 OnStar Subscription On New Vehicles

It’s technically listed as an option, but the cost is added to the MSRP and it can’t be removed. Read the full story on

Xbox, PlayStation and The New Subscription Normal

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Data Helps Jewelers Align Subscription Offers with Consumer Spending Habits

Allison Vigil, president of Rocksbox, a monthly jewelry rental subscription service, says the key to keeping customers happy is by leveraging personalized data to curate the right products and provide consumers with their preferred payment options. Read the full story on

Gillian Jones: Subscriptions to National Newspapers Are My New Charitable Donations

Gillian Jones has always been enthusiastic about charitable giving, stating that she loves to support organizations that do important work. Here’s why she has begun a new charitable trend — buying digital subscriptions to national newspapers. Read the full story on