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How Implan improved their operational efficiency by 300% with TechNWeb

Implan is a medium-sized software company that has been in business for over 30 years. The company transitioned to a subscription-based model as a SaaS product that primarily focuses on economic data analytics and modeling. However, the transition has led to several challenges with managing customer purchasing and subscriptions.

To solve this, Implan introduced Salesforce to their ecosystem. Still, the initial implementation had limitations when it came to data synchronization and integration with other systems. In order to address these challenges, Implan turned to TechNWeb to help enhance its Salesforce capabilities.

The Challenge

Implan faced several challenges with their subscription-based model and customer purchasing processes, including:

  • Lack of direction and vision for their Salesforce organization
  • Disorganization of ideas and requests that resulted in confusion and information overload for users
  • Implementation of changes without properly assessing their impact or need

The Solution

To address the challenges described above, Implan needed to determine which changes would make Salesforce the best product for their needs. They identified multiple items throughout interviews with stakeholders, daily users, and power users. Then, with the help of TechNWeb, Implan prioritized and grouped the changes into certain phases and milestones.

Implan also faced data synchronization and integration limitations with other systems in Salesforce. The platform did not provide solutions for these challenges out of the box, which is where TechNWeb's Salesforce integration service came into play. 

TechNWeb helped Implan overcome the limitations of the initial implementation and enhance its overall data management and customer insights. The service offered several key features, including:

  • Improved lead management process. TechNWeb's team analyzed current data transfer methods and identified potential integration changes with HubSpot. The team also implemented vertical lead identification automation, which simplified the work of the Business Development Manager (BDM) and Sales teams. 
  • Automated data workflows. The solution helped Implan automate data workflows and processes, streamlining their operations and resulting in a 300% increase in efficiency.
  • Active account status. An automation was built to streamline the identification of active status on the accounts and contacts. The TechNWeb team used existing subscription data to show the active status in all records.
"[TechNWeb] has been extremely helpful in giving us the answers and being very responsive on Slack. They helped us grow and understand the platform to better support our users."
Doug Kolpein headshot

Doug Kolpien

Director of Infrastructure and Technology

The Outcome

The TechNWeb partnership led to significant gains in Implan’s Salesforce capabilities and overall business performance. Here are some specific examples:

Increased ROI

By streamlining processes and improving customer insights, Implan was able to make more informed decisions, resulting in increased revenue. Also, reducing redundancies and bad code, decreased operational costs, freeing up resources to focus on more strategic initiatives.

Improved Access to Information 

After revisiting the Salesforce platform with the Implan, their team reported that they were able to access the information three times faster than before. The time spent preparing for calls decreased from 10 minutes to 2-3 minutes due to the readily accessible information.

Streamlined Business Processes

With the help of TechNWeb, the team overcame roadblocks such as automation and page validations, resulting in increased efficiency in their work. By removing redundancies and optimizing code, Implan was able to streamline business processes and reduce operational overhead.

"Before I was spending about 50% of my work week dealing with Salesforce issues and challenges, and now it's down to ~10% and dropping."
Doug Kolpein headshot

Doug Kolpien

Director of Infrastructure and Technology

Enhanced Customer Insights

The improved access to information and streamlined processes resulted in better customer insights, allowing Implan to make data-driven decisions and improve customer satisfaction.

Implan also reported improved customer satisfaction, leading to a 300% increase in customer retention rates.

Improved Data Accuracy

The comprehensive data mapping and transformation capabilities of TechNWeb's solution helped improve data accuracy, leading to more reliable data and better decision-making.

"On a scale from 1 to 10, I'd give our collaboration a 10. I recommend [TechNWeb] to anyone who needs Salesforce business process optimization and automation services. I don't think there's any reason I'd tell them to look anywhere else." 
Doug Kolpein headshot

Doug Kolpien

Director of Infrastructure and Technology

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