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Best customer service moves you can make as a subscription merchant


Did you know that most consumers underestimate monthly subscription costs by at least $100? In fact, today there are many apps and services emerging that help customers identify and cancel monthly subscriptions. Additionally, lawsuits have emerged against companies in recent years for making it difficult for customers to cancel automatic recurring orders.

So, what’s the solution? In my opinion, subscription merchants should always make it easy for customers to opt out when they’re ready. People cancel subscriptions for many reasons, and you don’t want to leave a bad taste in someone’s mouth (especially because they may wish to opt back in at some point). Therefore, merchants should choose subscription management software that makes opting out just as easy as opting in.

What are your thoughts? I’m happy to discuss this and other aspects of your e-commerce strategy during a quick, risk-free consultation.

Every week, we highlight the biggest news happening in the subscription economy. Our hope is to inspire you to glean from what other successful recurring revenue merchants are doing, and we scour the web so you can stay current without getting buried in content. We also accept submissions, so please share your latest business news with for consideration.

Let’s get into it, but first…

Deals of The Week

Best customer service moves you can make

Nokia Launches Circular Subscription As Part of Sustainability Efforts

Nokia is adding more recycled material to some of its devices and urging customers to use its Circular subscription service to hold on to phones longer.

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How Netflix Monthly Subscriptions Transformed the Video Business

In 1999, Netflix was struggling to distinguish itself from the competition. Then, it launched monthly subscriptions and changed the video industry. Here’s how they did it.

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HelloFresh Sued for Allegedly Misleading Subscription Enrollment Process

A class action complaint alleges that food delivery service HelloFresh engaged in an illegal automatic renewal subscription scheme.

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Intermap Announces New Subscription for Solar Projects

Intermap Technologies has announced a new contract with a major solar energy company to provide NEXTMap® elevation data as a service and analytics to support solar farm planning and site assessment.

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