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How can Salesforce Live Agent and ChatBot increase sales?

How can Salesforce Live Agent

When users shop online, they don’t look for just the product. They want to get a comprehensive service that helps them make a wise decision. Product description and reviews are often not enough to seal the deal which is why potential customers look for expert help. This is when customer support and chatbots play a crucial role in sealing the deal.

In this article, we’ll look at the benefits Live Agents and ChatBots provide to your business. Namely, how ChatBots and Life Agents can improve your sales & reputation today, and why this last mile pre-sales process is crucial for conversion.

What is Salesforce Chat?

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Salesforce Chat a.k.a. Live Agent is a built-in tool that allows support teams to engage with customers though Salesforce Sales and Service Clouds. You can integrate Salesforce Chat into any website, mobile and other applications to keep in touch with your potential and current clients 24/7 providing value. 

While Salesforce Chat is a helpful solution for merchants, its main role is to provide value to your customers. Here are the main features that your customers will appreciate: 

  • Personalized experience.  Users turn to live chat support in order to receive help specifically for their issue. Thus, a programmed response created for general cases will only lead to frustration and a higher bounce rate. Personalized live chat increases brand loyalty and will lead to further purchases.
  • Quick service. When your customer is looking for a quick answer to questions like “When will my order arrive” or “When will the product be back in stock” they can rely on a ChatBot to get immediate answers.
  • Brand trust. A customer who can efficiently solve their issue with the help of a Chatbot, develops brand trust. In turn, brand trust grows into loyalty, which increases advocacy among devoted customers. All these factors combined lead to the growth of customer base that promotes you on various platforms.

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How can a Live Agent boost sales and conversion?

Covering all potential questions about a product or service on product pages or throughout their checkout experience would make it too long and impossible to read. However, leaving your visitors without any information will lower your conversion rate. A Live Agent comes into play when a ChatBot cannot provide the best and personalized expereince that a real person can. 

In the past, retailers and manufacturers would leave a contact number for customers to call or a form customers would be asked to fill out when questions come up during the customer shopping journey. Such approach delays the customer decision and often results in a lost sale if a competitor is able to address the customer need faster. Industry is evolving, Harris Research shows that nowadays 53% of customers prefer chatting rather than calling a company to ask for help. In this case, a pop-up “chat to an agent” button solves the problem and helps convert the customer. 

Live Agent feature benefits:

  1. Personalized interactions. 95% of customers choose live chat over a chatbot or a call even though it’s more time consuming. The reason is that live chat unlike chatbot shows that you value them by personally focusing on their question. 
  2. Loyal customer base. 52% of customers are likely to buy from a brand that offers a Live Chat option. 
  3. User insights will help you get a more precise persona of your audience and their needs. Your support agents can use this knowledge to create a trustful experience with clients which will increase the chances of regular purchases.
  4. Increased sales. Considering the factors mentioned above, merchants a retailers  see an average 5% boost in sales when a LiveChat or ChatBot is used on the eCommerce website…
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How can a ChatBot boost sales and conversion?

Modern customers are used to instant answers at any time of the day (or even night). If the brand representatives don’t provide a detailed response within a few minutes, there is a high chance that they are going to your competitors.

Small businesses usually have several support crew members with different schedules. Sometimes they overlap or the ticket flow might be increased. Thus, the average response time takes up to 12 hours. Larger businesses work with thousands or even millions of daily requests which would cause even longer delays. 

Chatbots can help both of them. Use the following pattern: the chatbot can answer FAQs and gamify buying experience while support agents give short individual consultations. This combo will save you time, and create a fascinating customer experience.

How chatbots can help your business to succeed: 7 perks

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  1. Instant response 24/7. Bots provide consistent and reliable experience to your customers.
  2. Infinite scalability. A single bot can handle any number of requests.
  3. Higher lead generation rates. Chatbots gamify the shopping user experience, thus becoming an effective lead magnet. 
  4. Increased sales. Implementing chatbots on eCommerce websites can lead to a 67% boost in sales.
  5. Understanding common typos. Customers don’t need to enter their questions correctly to get answers. 
  6. Reduced abandonment rate. Advanced chatbots can analyze the customers behavior and needs to suggest and recommend products. 
  7. Impecable customer service. LiveAgents can concentrate on rare questions that need a human response, while chatbot answers all frequently asked questions.

The future of chatbots

What does the future hold for chatbot technology? Various independent research shows that it will thrive and expand to all types of businesses: from small handmade shops to B2B corporations.

According to Juniper Research, by the end of 2023, chatbots will help retail, banking, and healthcare industries to save approximately $11 billion on customer service inquiries. Also, they will have over 2.5 billion hours of support teams. But there are even more fascinating statistics about the future of the chatbot industry:

  • The future market size of Conversational AI will increase to $1,3 billion (Cognizant)
  • By 2023-2024, the average customer support cost will reduce by 30-50% (
  • By 2024, 75-90% of queries will be handled by bots (CNBC)

A recent Chatbots Magazine study found that 67% of US millennials said they would likely purchase from brands using a chatbot rather than talking to a support agent. It goes hand in hand with the fact that users can now pay directly over live chat, Instagram, or Facebook Messenger.

To sum up, recent industry studies show that the chatbot trend will increase in the near future. It will become an essential or even the major interaction channel between customers and vendors. So, the sure way of becoming the winner of this situation is to implement this technology among the firsts.

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