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How Salesforce Automation Boosts Your Business

How Salesforce Automation Boosts-1

At too many businesses, their salespeople aren’t spending time making sales – they’re spending the majority of their time dealing with paperwork and internal processes. Estimates are that the average salesperson only spends about one-third of their time actually making sales. The rest is… everything else.

They may be sifting through customer databases looking for leads. They may be dealing with data input and other record-keeping processes. They may be manually firing off emails and other awareness messaging, which may or may not even be seen by the recipient. There should be a better way – and there is Salesforce automation.

Improve Your Salespeople's Efficiency by Implementing Salesforce Automation

By leveraging vast information databases and cutting-edge heuristic AI, Salesforce automation allows your salespeople to truly work smarter, not harder.

For example:

Become a Trusted Advisor

Customers dislike salespeople – but they like consultants.  Data automation allows you to collect and aggregate information about each customer on an individual basis. This means that salespeople have a wealth of information at their fingertips, allowing them to make personalized recommendations to each customer which are genuinely useful. By building this bond of trust, they’ll be able to make more sales and boost each customer’s Total Lifetime Value.

Sales And Marketing Can Work as A Team

Salesforce automation allows for robust data-sharing. A customer doesn’t have to be “owned” by a single salesperson, which makes them a single point of failure in the customer journey. Now, sales and marketing can work together to best serve the needs of each customer, or even team up to combine their individual skills in providing the best possible outcomes for your buyers.

Stop Wasting Time on Tedious Manual Labor

Your salespeople shouldn’t have to spend so much time entering data, or manually firing off repetitive emails. These are tasks that can – and should – be automated. Email automation, for example, can be set to drip-feed communications on a periodic basis, based on pre-set emails and offers. This frees up your sales staff to spend more time actually making sales.

Streamline The Customer Funnel

Salesforce automation can also automatically prioritize leads based on their likelihood of converting. Salespeople don’t have to sift through databases manually or rely on guesswork (or blind firing) to find good prospects. The software can do that work, putting the best leads directly in front of your best people.

Streamline The Customer Funnel

PowerSync wants to help streamline your business with better software and automation services.