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Build a consistent and predictable revenue stream by offering a subscription to your services or products your customers buy from you frequently:

  • Track & manage customer subscriptions directly in Adobe Commerce (aka. Magento);
  • The most flexible and robust solution on the market (per customer testimonials);
  • Supports native Cart Price Rules and Catalog Price Rules in Adobe Commerce;
  • Supports Adobe Payments, Stripe, PayPal, Braintree, Authorize.Net, CyberSource, and all offline payment methods available in Magento out of the box;
  • A flexible solution makes it easy to integrate with other payment gateways;
  • A PCI-compliant solution that is integrated with Adobe Commerce Vault for enhanced security;
  • Pre-built customer notification email templates;
  • Native integration with Bills (for Adobe Commerce)
Need API/GraphQL for Magento 2 Subscription and Recurring Payments Module? Let’s Discuss what is available out of the box and your requirements.
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Pricing Tiers

Pick a plan that fits your business needs and desired outcomes

Magento Commerce

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Solution benefits:
  • Flexible Billing Terms
  • Automatic Renewal & Auto-Shipment
  • PCI-compliant and secure
  • Pre-built Email Templates
  • FREE Upgrades and Support

Adobe Commerce/Cloud

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 Solution benefits:
  • All Magento Commerce Features
  • Retail, Service, and Non-Profit Cases
  • Pause and Re-activate On Demand
  • 3DS Renewal Support 
  • Merchant Tools to Re-try Failed Billing
  • Industry Best Practices Consultation
  • Priority Support & Shorter SLAs


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Solution benefits:
  • Onboarding (Theme Customizations)
  • Custom Business Flows & Scenarios
  • Custom Fields and Business Needs
  • Team and Business Consultation
  • Training & Process Implementation

"... Yes, we definitely threw some curveballs toward the PowerSync team. I was excited to see an agency where the implementation team wanted us to achieve better results and get a better ROI from our project. Again, they went above and beyond. Communication was fantastic. Project planning was fantastic."

Carl Schwartz Headshot
Carl Schwartz
SVP Revenue, Lhasa OMS

"... the donations at INSEAD make up almost 25% of our revenue. Most donors are senior donors who often donate large sums. The same donors usually do not go online much and are managed by our fundraisers. mPower provided the business-critical tools for our fundraisers, and PowerSync helped us implement and optimize those tools."

Carole Darche Headshot
Carlore Darche
Head of Business Applications, INSEAD

"When we surveyed the other available Magento subscription extensions, mPower seemed to be the most feature-rich in terms of the customer user experience, in terms of the ability to manage their subscriptions... and the ability just to kind of see what was going on. I mean, it was just a much richer user experience... the others... they just weren't very sophisticated."

Jim Perkins Headshot
Jim Perkins
COO, Allies Group Pte Ltd

$3M+ in Recurring Revenue with mPower in 12 months

Magento 2 recurring payment extension is an improvement for a conventional online store. Implementing a subscription business model will help engage more buyers who will purchase regularly. It will also help you build frequent touchpoints with your customers, allowing you to grow your recurring products and services footprint over time and increase customer LTV (Life Time Value).

The Magento product subscription retailers, on average, see a:

  • 12% year-over-year (YoY) growth in LTV (Lifetime Value)
  • 11% YoY growth in AOV (Average Order Value)
  • 7% YoY growth in MRR (Monthly Recurring Revenue)
  • An average customer retention rate of 45% retention after six months and 33% after 12 months (these figures are compared to a 20% average customer retention rate after 200 days for e-commerce retailers in general)

"I wanted an intuitive yet robust back-end admin area where we could set up our products."

We could add a discount at the product level. We can toggle on or off which products are available for subscription. But then also one of our requirements was we had different customer types, and there were only certain customer types that were able to purchase certain products… Everyone I talked to, a couple of them said, we can’t do this custom work… And PowerSync was really the only one who said, yeah, no sweat, we can do it.

Carl Schwartz Headshot

Carl Schwartz

SVP Revenue, Lhasa OMS


The Facts.

An average individual subscriber was likely to hold 4.1 subscriptions across two retailers in 2022. This represents a 14% increase in the average number of subscriptions per subscriber from 2021.

The Challenge

Buyers purchase the same product or service frequently and use a predictable schedule but often need to remember when they need it. Often customers need to remember where they bought it in the first place. Magento 2 does not offer the necessary tools to support a business with a recurring business model.

The Solution.

The subscription Magento extension will allow people to subscribe to products and services, offer memberships, and collect recurring donations. Gain exclusive access to recurring revenue experts and grow your customer Life Time Value (LTV); from discovery, strategy, and implementation to creating and growing your “best-in-class” service company.

Magento 2 Subscription and Recurring Payments Benefits

Hassle-Free Experience

The Magento 2 subscription plugin makes purchases effortless. This encourages occasional shoppers to become your loyal customers.

One-Click Skip/Pause

With Magento 2 recurring billing extension, customers have complete and transparent control over their subscriptions. Pause, Cancel, and re-subscribe at any time.


Magento recurring payments extension works well with native catalog and shopping cart price rules in the Adobe Commerce (aka. Magento) platform.

Subscription Management

With the recurring payments Magento plugin, users can manage multiple subscriptions for individual products in one place. Features include the setting of the renewal period, billing address management, credit card verification, and payment information saving.

Payment Integrations

The Magento 2 subscriptions and recurring payment extension integrates with most common payment gateways (including Magento stripe payment integration, native PayPal & Braintree payment integrations, payment integration, CyberSource, and all native offline payment options offered by Adobe Commerce).


With the Magento 2 subscription module, customers won’t have to switch between purchasing regular products and monthly subscriptions. The shopping cart has two different sections that help effectively manage one-time purchases and subscriptions.

"That's the whole business case for us….

We get predictable revenue. We get... the more revenue compared to the dollars invested...  We are focusing on acquiring new customers instead of... re-acquiring the same old customers. So it’s dramatically more efficient."

Jim Perkins Headshot

Jim Perkins

COO, Allies Group Pte Ltd

Generate a predictable revenue stream
with Adobe Commerce Subscription Extension

Focus on strategy and service instead of asking your customers to buy the same products again and again.

Product Detail Page in Adobe Commerce letting customers pick to auto ship products to them on recurring schedule
  • Sell Box Subscriptions
  • Auto-ship products to loyal customers
  • Charge customers recurring Membership fees
  • Charge for Software Licenses & Support
  • Offer Product or Service subscriptions
  • Ask for recurring Donations

Magento 2 Subscription Extension and customer experience

Designed intuitively to meet your customer needs and features a simplified subscription management experience.

  • Notify customers about any changes to the subscription (eg. expiring credit cards, upcoming renewals)
  • Process & Recieve past due payments with a click of a button
  • View customer account history, subscription products, and preferences
  • Make mass price changes across different subscription terms
  • Group products based on subscription terms and shelf life
Customers in Adobe Commerce can manage their auto shipments with ease

Magento 2 Subscriptions (Additional Value)

Payment Scheduling

Customers can see regular and trial subscriptions and able to manage them separately.

Making Changes

Customers can manage their subscriptions and change product configuration and quantities with ease.

Detailed Information

Subscription options are shown on the product page directly and in the cart.

A Flexible Solution

Manage subscription discounts, free shipping, flexible prices depending on auto-ship frequency, and other incentives to grow customer acquisition.

Highly Configurable

Most of the features are behind a toggle switch and configuration. Experiment what works best for your business without needing a developer.

Proactive Communication

Proactive communication with your customers on upcoming renewals, when payment information needs to be updated, or when items are out of stock.

Stella, your AI chatbot from PowerSync

A Business-Savvy Tech Partner

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  • Focus on producing high ROI
  • Highly responsive communication
  • Estimates & deadlines you can trust
  • Over two decades of experience

"mPower. Flexible Payment Gateways

The biggest benefit to my business since we began with mPower, is the administration of recurring payment(s). mPower recurring payments are not only on one payment [gateway]…We use Braintree today, but if I want to use Stripe for recurring payment(s) tomorrow, I know Powersync and mPower will help me smooth this transition. mPower manages all the recurring logic and automation in Magento, which makes it easier to switch payment gateways based on what solution offers the best rates on the market."

Carole Darche Headshot

Carole Darche

Head of Business Applications, INSEAD

Payment Gateways and Payment Options

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Check or Money Order
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Purchase Order
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Wire and Bank Transfer
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Cash on Delivery
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Installation and Onboarding

Your success is our top priority. Hire PowerSync to help with the pre-implementation strategy, technical solution implementation, and the strategy post implementation.

mPower Solution Demo Videos

How to enable auto-ship and subscriptions in your Adobe Commerce store
How to auto-ship eggs to your doorstep throughout the year
How to configure auto-shipment for products on a different schedule

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Tell me more about proactive customer communication logic in mPower?

The customer receives notifications when:

  • They first subscribe
  • When the subscription is about to renew (X days before renewal, based on the configuration)
  • When payment method needs to be updated (an example is when a credit card will expire before the next renewal)
  • Subscription status changes: canceled, past due, suspended, active.
  • A comment is added by the merchant
  • Payment failed
  • The product is out of stock
Can I offer coupons to mu customers who want to subscribe to my products or services?

Yes, the mPower extension works with native Catalog and Shopping Cart price rules available in Magento out of the box. Ask our subscription manager about how you can offer tiered discounts to your customers depending on their LTV (Lifetime Value).

Are recurring payments in Magento 2 error-free?

For the most part, yes. There is always a potential risk of expired cards, 3DS secure validation, or insufficient funds, and mPower has a system built for you to re-try failed transactions manually if there is an issue.

Are mPower updates included with my subscription?

Yes, extension upgrades are included for as long as you are paying for your subscription.

What payment options work with Magento Subscription management subscription?

mPower Supports:

  • Stripe
  • Authorize.Net
  • PayPal
  • BrainTree
  • CyberSource
  • Cash on Delivery
  • Purchase Order
  • Bank/Wire Transfer
  • Other*

* – We have built personalized integrations with various payment gateways, and we architected mPower to allow us to add integration with other payment gateways in under two weeks (if done from scratch).

Can I see a personalized demo of mPower?

Yes, schedule a complimentary call where we can show you how mPower can help grow your revenue and help your team experiment with the subscription product offering to maximize customer acquisition and reduce churn.

What types of Adobe Commerce products are supported?

mPower supports:

  • Simple Products
  • Configurable Products
  • Virtual Products
  • Downloadable Products
  • Grouped Products
  • Bundled Products (most of the use cases)
What can customers be allowed to change on their subscriptions?

Customers can change:

  • Product quantity
  • Product Configuration (eg. a larger/smaller carton of milk OR upgrades and downgrades for a membership)
  • Pause or Skip a shipment
  • Cancelations and renewals
  • Bill date for the subscription
What if the customer calls me and what's to update their payment method?

No problem, take their new payment information and update their subscription profile via Magento Admin Panel.

The most common example is when customers’ credit card expires. You can take their new credit card details over the phone, and update their subscription details in Magento through the back office (aka. admin panel), and manually re-run their payment in Magento for any past due or failed transaction.

How many upcoming renewal reminders can mPower send to a subscriber?

We built our product to support up to two reminders. As a merchant, you can use one or two reminders with your customers.