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Business Praises PowerSync’s Magento and Salesforce Integration

Business Praises PowerSync’s Magento-1

In July 2019, PowerSync received an urgent request from Triad Behavioral Health. The business had a scheduled release of its new Magento 2 website in the next four business days, but there was a big problem at hand. Triad Behavioral Health needed a working Magento 2 and Salesforce integration. 

After trying several cheaper options, they realized none of them seemed to fit the bill.

“As we installed the various plugins, we ran into several issues,” Derrick Josten, CMO of Triad Behavioral Health, said. “Either the sync was not working as expected, or the plugin created conflicts with other aspects in Magento.” 

Triad sought support from each provider, but time zone differences posed a problem (as they were all located outside of the United States). With no success and a tight deadline, Josten and his team reached out to PowerSync with the hope that a more expensive solution might produce better results. They quickly realized PowerSync’s rapid response, availability and the out-of-the-box solution was the right choice.

The PowerSync team accepted the challenge and worked through the weekend to identify the business objectives and desired results for the integration. PowerSync’s Magento 2 + Salesforce integration product was installed in less than 24 hours in a testing environment. The team was able to set up and began testing the integration a few hours later. 

As the relationship moved forward, PowerSync’s top-notch customer service became clear. 

“As we started the sync process, we identified several discrepancies, all of which PowerSync was extremely helpful in resolving,” Josten said. “Our experience has been outstanding. Not only is the PowerSync team highly competent, but they are super responsive.” 

To sum up PowerSync in four words, Josten said they are friendly, patient, skillful and effective. “Without question, I will recommend PowerSync to others,” he said. 

The integration has been running smoothly for more than five months, and Derrick Josten said choosing PowerSync’s Magento 2 + Salesforce plugin was the best solution for them. 

“We are looking forward to continuing using PowerSync product and services going forward as more opportunities arise” he added.

If you would like to explore Magento and Salesforce synchronization for your business, contact PowerSync to set up a 15-minute call.