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TOP 11 Salesforce CRM Features and Functionalities for eCommerce Merchants

TOP 11 Salesforce CRM Features

Did you know that 52% of companies that use Salesforce CRM features confirm the growth in lead volume? It’s possible because of the system’s flexibility and simplicity. In a nutshell, this CRM system allows you to manage, improve and automate the processes related to sales, leads and customer relationships. If you are unfamiliar with what Salesforce is, read more about it in our previous material.  In this article, you will learn about Salesforce features, discover what CRM functionality is available and know how to apply it. Are you struggling to understand how this CRM system meets your needs? Contact us via the link below ⬇️

What is the CRM functionality in Salesforce?

СRM (Customer relationship management ) functionality is a technology that allows you to oversee interactions with buyers and manage the internal business system. The features of Salesforce CRM are aimed to help you in achieving sales goals and improving the department’s productivity.

Salesforce ensures effortless contact management for your eCommerce business. With its features, you are able to unlock your company’s potential through the knowledge of your customer needs.

Top 11 Salesforce CRM features

1. Account & Contact Management

These features of Salesforce CRM ensure access to all of the customer data that helps your team provide a better user experience and interactions. In addition, the conclusions and insights that are based on this information allow you to analyze the customer’s behavior more deeply.

How it works. Within the system, you receive data about the buyers, which includes their social information, previous interactions with your business, etc. By analyzing these details, you will be able to create a roadmap for customers to make a purchase.

TOP 11 Salesforce CRM Features 2

2. Capability Management

This feature aims to help you create better conditions for purchases. You are able to follow the customer’s path and view different stages from the very start of the interaction.

How it works. By reviewing previous deals, you can clearly see your sales model’s weaknesses and strong sides. This is one of the best Salesforce CRM features that shows you all the capabilities for creating templates for the following interactions with customers.

TOP 11 Salesforce CRM Features 3

3. Lead Management

As an essential part of your eCommerce business success, the leads require a professional lead generation model. Via this configuration, you are able to get up-to-date information about the sources of acquiring new customers.

How it works. Email marketing is one of the best strategies for attracting new buyers, and the main point is to automate this step. To convert leads, Salesforce features allow you to track all incoming emails, sort them and pass them to other departments automatically. Therefore, no one spends extra time and resources manually managing email inboxes.

TOP 11 Salesforce CRM Features 4

4. Data Management

ability to store, manage and analyze data, your team will process orders more qualitatively. Therefore, stick to data cleaning to ensure that all of the information about customers is up-to-date.


How it works. You receive centralized data storage, and, as a result, you can obtain access at any time from any device. The data retains vital information that simulates customer behavior, especially for your type of eCommerce business. You can update, accumulate and manage all the data with a cloud-based solution.

TOP 11 Salesforce CRM Features 5

5. Reports and Control Panel

In the Salesforce CRM features list, reports allow you to control a few types of metrics such as team productivity, sales details and task management. According to these points, you can customize graphs and handle them using only one control panel or dashboard.

How it works. Your team can use this tool to process statistics and make better decisions based on specific numbers.

TOP 11 Salesforce CRM Features 6

6. App for Mobile

Mobility has become an essential attribute of modern business. Therefore, you have to be able to keep track of the processes while on the go. With the Salesforce application, it’s possible to run your business remotely with a phone, laptop, or tablet.

How it works. While being on a conference or a vacation, you still are able to:

  • Receive the data in CRM
  • Create or manage tasks
  • Communicate with the team
  • Share files and photos

It also belongs to Salesforce CRM communication features that enable it to keep in contact with employees and customers.

TOP 11 Salesforce CRM Features 7-1

7. Forecast for Sales

This kind of functionality is vital when it comes to predicting how many leads you can get, how to improve sales strategy and overview previous decisions. An accurate forecast also allows you to discover barriers that separate your eCommerce business from getting income.

How it works. You can review the sales forecast at team meetings weekly or monthly and provide an analysis of the current situation. Because eCommerce is a highly changing area, you have to keep track of the trends and learn how to use them for your benefit.

TOP 11 Salesforce CRM Features 8

8. Files Sharing & Sync

This type of Salesforce CRM features and benefits is responsible for storing and sharing all the needed files within one system. In this case, all the files will be saved in the cloud solution. You or your team can download any kind of document and share it with team members.

How it works. Your team and you have one online storage for all the documents or other files. So, you can access them by using any device and working with it immediately.

TOP 11 Salesforce CRM Features 9

9. Customer Support

To take good care of your customers, you need related Salesforce CRM software features. By providing this benefit to customers, you will get a more loyal audience since they can get answers to their questions, ask for help, etc.

How it works. Your call center has access to all the customer’s data, such as purchase history, contact information, and social activity. With this data, they provide a better user experience in solving buyers’ problems.

TOP 11 Salesforce CRM Features 10

10. Integrations with other solutions

This feature allows you to sync the CRM system with the required apps. It’s vital if you want to provide a smooth workflow and better team communication, thanks to the use of many tools collected in one place.

How it works. For example, you can integrate QuickBooks and, in conjunction with Salesforce, manage taxes easily.

TOP 11 Salesforce CRM Features 11

11. Workflow process

Business process automation is the primary key to a successful eCommerce company. Any deal goes through certain stages and with this module, you can control each of them. It’s vital in order not to slow down the work process with unnecessary manual job.

How it works. Tasks are assigned directly, notifications come in via email, so your team and you can react to any messages in real-time mod.

TOP 11 Salesforce CRM Features 12

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What are the benefits of Salesforce CRM?

First of all, it helps you to grow your revenue by automating the system. Among all the advantages, much attention is paid to Salesforce CRM security features and benefits. It means that all the data is kept safe and secured. Another benefit is that you use only one extension for various departments: marketing, sales, IT, etc.

What are the costs and features of Salesforce CRM?

Since all businesses have different needs, contact us to know about the price for your company. The most valuable Salesforce features allow you to automate processes that facilitate the running of your eCommerce business ➡️ According to this, you spend more time on vital points such as expanding the work contacts.

How can I be sure that Salesforce CRM features fit my eCommerce business?

Your company’s needs are determined according to your goals. Therefore, Salesforce for sales cloud customization is required. As a result of collaboration, instead of a template solution, you will get a developed CRM system. Therefore, the Salesforce development services are an option to customize the solution for your particular business needs.

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